Tamar Braxton Addresses Her Covid-19 Scare – She Got Tested!

Tamar Braxton Addresses Her Covid-19 Scare – She Got Tested!

Tamar Braxton seems to have had a Covid-19 scare these days, and she addressed it on her social media account. She also raised some pretty important issues such as the one that has people freaking out these days even if they have a runny nose – as if a simple cold or flu do not exist anymore.

Anyway, check out her comments that were put together by The Shade Room below.

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It seems that Tamar got tested, but her result, fortunately, came back negative.


A person said: “Can’t get over the fact that she “went to work anyway.” If you’re sick, please don’t do this. It’s selfish.”

Tamar hopped in the comments and said: “Sorry y’all my office is in my back yard. We in la on lockdown. That was irresponsible not to explain. I’m just saying that the Rona is A VERY different reaction from people. That’s all. No shade to no one. So be careful. Y’all know I get a little dramatic #stayunderconstuction 🙏🏼”

A follower said: “Mrs. Braxton I thought I & my family thought I had it for a while two weeks 😩 come to find out my child gave me a cold 🙄 I was so extra about it like I was mad at everybody because I stay inside and away from crowds I was literally just as dramatic I swear 😩”

Another commenter said: “No, really, it’s like no one can have a common cold any more. Everyone is going to think it’s Covid! You definitely have to be aware but come on y’all; it’s flu season!😭”

A follower said: “Thought she had rona but still went to work? Damnnnn that’s how it be spreading.”

Someone else posted this: “Huh lol this like a book with no plot baby we know don’t nobody wanna be round when you have Rona.”

A fan said: “So did the kid dad come get him or is he in the room playing the game.”

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