Tarek El Moussa Is Called Heroic By His Wife Heather Rae Young After He Difused Fight In Airplane

Tarek El Moussa is a real estate investor as well as a Tv personality. He is best known for his co-hosting of “Flip or Flop” on HGTV with his wife Heather Rae Young . The two have been achieving fame together in the world but not a lot has been known about their relationship.

However, recently, Heather took to social media to tell people that her husband had done a very heroic thing. She spoke about the incident from her hotel room bed. The incident was scary to hear so being in the situation must have been terrifying for them.

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However, Tarek was able to keep his calm and defuse the situation. A man had gone crazy on their flight and had begun verbally and physically attacking crew members and pilots. The situation had escalated but Tarek had made sure that no one was harmed and he had calmly dealt with the situation.

The flight was meant to take the couple back to Los Angeles from JFK however their flight had got canceled due to engine problems. They have spoken about the terrible travel day that they had when they had to stay at the airport for around nine hours.

Heather is currently pregnant with their first child and she was understandably annoyed. The couple had begun IVF but soon after had gotten pregnant with their first child.

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She said in a statement that they already had a plan however what was meant to happen was already happening. She mentioned that the two had been stressed free and the universe had gifted them with this blessing.

Fans were incredibly excited to hear about the pregnancy news. The two have shared their moments of IVF however the blessing was already in store for them. Fans have also been very proud of Tarek for how he handled the situation. They believe that what he did was truly heroic and the respect he has gained from people around him is excessive. The whole incident was very scary for the two but fans are glad that they were not harmed in the process.