Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal Confirms His First Baby Is On The Way

Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal Confirms His First Baby Is On The Way

Rafael Nadal is one of the most renowned names in the world of tennis, so even though the Spanish player prefers to keep a low profile around his private life, word tends to get out. In a similar fashion, word leaked of Nadal’s wife’s pregnancy and after a bit of speculation, Nadal has confirmed it himself in a press conference that he will soon be a daddy.

“If all goes well, I’m going to be a father,” said the Spanish superstar. “I’m not used to talking about my private life. We live calmer with a lower profile. I don’t expect that my life will change much with it.”

Nadal and his wife Mery have been dating for over 17 years and recently wedded in October of 2019. This will be the couple’s first child.

Nadal has mulled over the possibility of starting a family before in an interview. On that occasion, the sportsman said, “Obviously, I have the intention of forming a family. I love children and I would like my children to do what they like.”

Nadal is currently 36 years old and ranked number 4 in Men’s singles tennis. Throughout his illustrious career, Nadal has bagged 22 Grand Slam titles, the most in history for a male player, a record 14 French Open titles, and won Wimbledon twice.

When speaking about playing in Wimbledon this time around, Nadal announced that he wishes to do so but chose his words tentatively due to a foot injury that he currently working on.

In Nadal’s own words, “My intention is to play Wimbledon. I have trained well this week and my departure on Monday for London is to that effect. But my foot situation must be evaluated day after day, so at this moment I don’t have this certainty of being able to play. I just know that I want to play the tournament, but we must also be careful.”

“Now it’s too early to give a definitive answer,” said the Spaniard but fans are certainly hoping to see him on the court and are also looking forward to seeing him become a daddy.