The Allegations Of Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Adultery Apparently Led The Model Emily Ratajkowski To Decide To Divorce The Film Producer

After four years of marriage, Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard divorced, and the model decided.

“They recently split up. Em made a choice. She is in good health. She is tenacious and devoted to her son. She enjoys having children, the insider claimed.

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He claims Ratajkowski has not yet requested a divorce but intends to do so soon.

In a previous article, Page Six cited a person who said that Bear- McClard’s multiple betrayals were the cause of their split.

He repeatedly cheats. It’s repulsive. He is a dog,” the insider declared.

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On July 14, when the 31-year-old model was sighted without her engagement ring, rumors about the couple’s breakup started circulating. After dating for a few weeks, Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard married in 2018. Sylvester, the couple’s one-year-old son, is the child.

Later, an anonymous source informed Us Magazine in March 2018 that they had been friends “for years” before beginning to date.

They were all friends together, the insider claimed. So he wasn’t an unknown person.

The production company Bear-McClard is most known for having worked with the brothers Benny, and Josh Safdie on several films, including Heaven Knows What, Good Time, a crime drama starring Robert Pattinson, and Uncut Gems, a highly regarded thriller starring Adam Sandler.

It was previously reported that Emily Ratajkowski had been sued for posting her photo.

A lawsuit was filed against supermodel Emily Ratajkowski after she shared two self-portraits taken by paparazzi on Instagram.

Edward Opinaldo, a street photographer, located in Queens, filed a lawsuit alleging that the model violated his copyright by using his photos without his consent.

Photographers captured her on June 17, 2019, as Emily Ratajkowski exited a building in New York. The model posted his photos on social media the same day, garnering 288 thousand likes.

In a separate lawsuit filed in October 2019, photographer Robert O’Neill claimed that the model had released his authorship of a shot in which she is seen strolling around New York City with a bunch of flowers without his consent.