The Barbadian Singer Rihanna Intends To Introduce A Line Of Maternity Clothing

According to a source close to Rihanna , “Rihanna is working on a maternity line as part of Savage X Fenty,” HollywoodLife reported.

When Rihanna revealed her pregnancy on a magazine cover and in a picture shoot with her boyfriend, the maternity style was quite fashionable at the time. She was seen walking around with low-rise trousers and a shirt with only a few buttons fastened. She was pregnant when she wore this garment.

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She frequently heard during her pregnancy that she was an enormous inspiration for many girls since she defied the conventional wisdom regarding what women should wear during pregnancy.

Now she wants to redefine moms-to-be by developing a company that enables women to still feel attractive and seductive when they are expecting,” the person continued.

Rapper Rakim Mayers, often known as A$AP Rocky , and Rihanna welcomed a son on May 13. 3.5 months before the baby was delivered, in January, the singer’s pregnancy was officially confirmed. The performer, who was in a position, wore provocative clothing made of lace and latex that exposed and highlighted a round belly.

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In a previous article, we mentioned how fashion house Balenciaga and the Crocs brand continued their collaboration by debuting perforated rubber bags and phone covers on the French company’s official website.

After stiletto heels became popular, companies started making rubber grocery bags and phone cases. The studs bear the Balenciaga logo, while the bags and pouches are modeled after vintage Crocs rubber footwear.

Customers can only pre-order the collection’s items, which come in three colors: black, pink, and light green. Like all Crocs shoes, both attachments can be customized with distinctive jibbits. The backpack cost $1250, while the phone case costs $775.

When Balenciaga and Crocs debuted their first collaboration in 2018, they offered colorful, multicolored clogs on a high platform for $850 a pair. The shoes sold out three hours after going on sale.