The Olsen sister’s style: the six most important elements of a celebrity wardrobe

The Olsen sister’s style: the six most important elements of a celebrity wardrobe

June 13 is the birthday of the most stylish twin sisters in the fashion industry.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 36 on June 13, 2022. In such a short period, the legendary twins successfully outgrew the role of perky sisters from family comedies, created their own clothing brand, The Row, and joined the Council of Fashion Designers of the USA (CFDA), gained recognition in the fashion industry.

Designers have repeatedly attracted the attention of the public with their original, deliberately casual, and concise style.

Social media trends don’t sway Mary-Kate and Ashley, so it’s fun to follow their rare outings. Fans thoroughly study every appearance of the twins, whether it’s a red carpet or paparazzi shots.

Olsen has a boundless influence in the field of fashion with a simple and functional style that forms all the current trends.

Unique looks are easy to replicate with basic wardrobe staples, including clothes three sizes larger.

Perhaps the twins’ favorite technique is wide trousers of maximum length. A universal attribute in the wardrobe that can be combined with absolutely any top and walked both on a daily basis and at events.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have long and selflessly devoted to black; with it, they create boring monochrome outfits. The secret of the corporate combination is due to the competent selection of silhouettes and fabrics.

A classic white shirt is an indispensable element of the essential wardrobe for all time. With a straight cut, without unnecessary details, it will perfectly complement a multi-layered and output look.

The sisters prefer tight, slightly elongated, voluminous shirts. Trendsetters have dispelled the myth that glasses can only be worn on a sunny day, making this accessory an iconic distinction of their style.

The sisters have a huge number of models in their arsenal, from “aviators” to polygonal shapes.