The Queen will toss a party for Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Queen will toss a party for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth II will throw a party for the Dukes of Cambridge on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Prince William and the birthday of Kate Middleton , held in January. So writes about this edition of The Mirror.

Prince William, who turns 40 today, has received permission from Queen Elizabeth II to host the celebration at Windsor Castle or Sandringham Manor.

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Royal sources told the Mirror it was decided that William and Kate, who turned 40 earlier this year, should “celebrate their milestone birthdays in style.”

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will be at Kate and William’s party, with the Queen herself joining the celebration if she feels well.

The tradition of sharing the birthdays of members of the royal family began in 2000 when a party was held at Windsor Castle in honor of the 40th birthday of Prince Andrew, the 50th birthday of Princess Anne, and the 70th birthday of Princess Margaret, and the 18th birthday of Prince William.

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Earlier, It said that The first lady of France took the front row at the show of bachelors of fashion design from the French Fashion Institute. It is reported by WWD.

To attend the fashion event, Bridget Macron chose a white Louis Vuitton blazer, tight black trousers, and a black and white Prada bag. Before the show, she toured the exhibition prepared by the students and listened to stories about their work.

At the first show of third-year undergraduate students of the French Fashion Institute, 32 collections were presented, on which 71 people worked.

Future designers touched on race issues, masculinity, cars of the seventies, the protests of French students in 1968, and others.

In addition to Brigitte Macron, essential guests of the show were Bruno Pawlowski, President of the fashion direction of Chanel, Marie-Claire Daveu, Director of sustainable development of Kering, designer Isabelle Maran and others.