The Release Of The Film The Gray Man, Starring Ryan Gosling, Was Celebrated By Swiss Brand TAG Heuer

In The Gray Man on Netflix, Ryan Gosling, an ambassador for Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, talked about working with the company while playing the role of international hitman Sierra Six. TAG Heuer had a private dinner with the actor in Beverly Hills to mark the project’s debut.

Gosling’s character flees in order to save his life. The TAG Heuer Carrera Three Hands, a 39mm steel case watch with a black leather strap, is on his wrist.

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According to CEO Frédéric Arnault, “The film partnership completely captures the spirit of the brand, and we absolutely can not wait to see Ryan on screen sporting a chic, fashionable wristwatch that, like Gosling’s character, doesn’t give up when it counts.

At the Howard Frank-designed Simon House in Beverly Hills from 1956, TAG Heuer associates and friends convened. The Russo brothers and British actress Jessica Henwick were one of the visitors, as well as the directors of the movie The Gray Man.

Gosling is modest in his response when it is claimed that his acting (and sartorial) style is similar to that of the American “greats” of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s cinema—the Brandons, McQueens, etc.—and he is asked if those characters loom large in his consciousness as an actor.

Since I enjoy watching movies, those are undoubtedly the folks I was aware of, he claims. And from a fashion perspective, these are absolutely folks you encounter frequently.

There are pictures of those men at every photo shoot I attend. However, I believe that something classic about their looks. Being timeless is always fashionable.

That is why it continues to endure. But I believe part of the reason I prefer the (Carrera) Three-Hands is that I believe it would look good in any of those images, regardless of the time period. On July 22, 2022, Netflix will start streaming The Gray Man.