‘The Republic is dead’: Scott Adams censored by YouTube for violating ‘election fraud policy’

‘The Republic is dead’: Scott Adams censored by YouTube for violating ‘election fraud policy’

“Google (YouTube) just shut me down,” Adams tweeted on Friday, adding a message from YouTube telling him an episode of his talk-series ‘Real Coffee with Scott Adams’ had violated their terms.

The specific video, which touched on topics typical for Adams’ daily videos like Covid-19, election fraud allegations, and political scandals, was taken down, though Adams’ channel was not given a strike because “you may not have realized this was a violation of our policies.”

The specific rule Adams supposedly violated has to do with content that YouTube feels supports claims that “widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the US 2020 presidential election.”

Such content is “not allowed on YouTube.”

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“The video they deleted is no different from all of my other content,” Adams wrote about the decision, adding that he predicts more censorship of his content is on the way.

In a later message, Adams questioned why YouTube, “a social media platform that allows more fake news than real news,” would specifically target election fraud allegations and “not everything else.”

“The Republic is dead,” he announced.

Adams’ prediction of more censorship, shared by other critics taking to social media to defend him, is likely correct as YouTube announced this week that they would be policing videos they feel are providing misleading information about the outcome of the presidential election.

Though enough states have certified their votes to give Joe Biden the electoral college votes to come out victorious, the Electoral College does not officially vote until December 14. The president also continues to allege voter fraud through his social media and various legal battles seeking to overturn the results in various swing states.

Texas is also leading over a dozen states seeking for the Supreme Court to block the seating of electors in four swing states where “unconstitutional” election conduct is being alleged in Biden’s favor. Numerous Republican lawmakers have backed the effort.

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