The Weeknd Fuming Over Grammys Snub – Is Using That Motivation To Put On The Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever!

The Weeknd Fuming Over Grammys Snub – Is Using That Motivation To Put On The Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever!

The Weeknd was really upset when he realized that he’d earned no Grammy nominations this year, despite releasing a very successful album and several singles that were just as well received! However, even though he is totally fuming, he will not let the snub drag him down.

Instead, he will let it motivate him to do his very best at the Super Bowl Halftime show.

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Just yesterday, the Grammy Awards nominations were announced and The Weeknd’s name was not in any of the categories, something that truly upset him.

But since that’s not in under control, he’s allegedly willing himself to put everything into making his Super Bowl Halftime performance the best ever!

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This way, he can show the Grammy folks what they missed when snubbing him!

One insider dished via HollywoodLife that ‘Abel would like to be recognized with Grammy nominations especially since he has won in the past, but he is not going to be upset about it and let it get to him. He is basically going to use the snub as more of a chip on his shoulder for his Super Bowl performance. That is his real reward. He is now even more motivated to kill it for the Halftime show. They can snub him, but he will have the last laugh.’

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The Weeknd has already won three separate Grammys in his career but he would like for his work to continue getting recognized of course.

After the nominations were announced, The Weeknd took to his platform to drag the prestigious yet controversial awards show: ‘The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, owe my fans and the industry transparency…’

Earlier today, he returned to his Twitter to also post ‘Collaboratively planning a performance for weeks to not being invited? In my opinion zero nominations = you’re not invited,’ suggesting that he was expected to perform at the Grammy Awards.

But since he has not even received a nod, he seems to think he isn’t welcomed on that stage either!