This Is How You Unlock The Ultimate Skin Appearance For The Seraphine In League Of Legends

Riot’s newest League of Legends champion is here and ready to rock out against the competition. But in her base form, Seraphine hasn’t reached her full star potential yet.

To make her look and play like a member of the popular virtual music group K/DA, there are a few things that players need to do to unlock the different forms of Seraphine’s Ultimate skin.

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The first step to getting the new Seraphine cosmetics is to buy her K/DA ALL OUT Ultimate skin from the League store. This will cost you 3,250 RP, just like any other Ultimate skin. But there’s more.

Once you’ve unlocked the skin, Riot has set up a way for players to experience Seraphine’s journey to stardom in-game through a series of quests that will allow them to unlock two additional forms of the skin.

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These skins will all look and sound different from one another and they all have a unique song associated with them as well.

The original skin that you get from buying K/DA ALL OUT is the beginning of your journey. Seraphine will be in her Indie form with acoustic aesthetics. This form will play “POP/STARS.”

From there, you must complete an introductory quest and do the Write Your Lyrics and Record Your Song missions before unlocking the Rising Star form of Seraphine.

Each quest in Seraphine’s chain requires you to earn points that will be awarded based on different criteria. These points are cumulative. But players can only earn 20 points per game in which they play Seraphine. If you play another character instead, you’ll only be able to get 10 points per game while completing the quests.

Here are the quests you need to complete to unlock the different forms of Seraphine’s Ultimate skin.

Write Your Lyrics As Seraphine:

Earn 20,000 gold: +2 pointsEarn 18,000 gold: +4 pointsEarn 14,000 gold: +4 pointsEarn 10,000 gold: +4 pointsEarn 6,000 gold: +4 pointsEarn 2,000 gold: +2 points

Record Your Song As Seraphine:

Earn 10 takedowns: +2 pointsEarn nine takedowns: +4 pointsEarn seven takedowns: +4 pointsEarn five takedowns: +4 pointsEarn three takedowns: +4 pointsEarn one takedown: +2 pointsAfter that, you’ll be able to earn an emote by completing the Excite Your Fans quest before unlocking Seraphine’s Superstar form with the Perform Live quest. Both of these quests will require you to earn another 45 points each. Here are the criteria for earning points for these quests.

Excite Your Fans As Seraphine:

Dealing 25,000 magic damage to champions: +2 pointsDealing 22,500 magic damage to champions: +4 pointsDealing 17,500 magic damage to champions: +4 pointsDealing 12,500 magic damage to champions: +4 pointsDealing 7,500 magic damage to champions: +4 pointsDealing 2,500 magic damage to champions: +2 points

Perform Live As Seraphine:

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Destroy nine turrets: +2 pointsDestroy eight turrets: +4 pointsDestroy six turrets: +4 pointsDestroy four turrets: +4 pointsDestroy two turrets: +4 pointsDestroy one turret: +2 points