Tory Lanez Says The People Who Turned On Him Are About To Look Real ‘Dumb’

Tory Lanez Says The People Who Turned On Him Are About To Look Real ‘Dumb’

Fans know that Tory Lanez has had a tough year, without question. Initially, Mr. Lanez was on top of his game in the biggest way with his music career as well as his successful stint on Quarantine Radio, however, it all came crashing down when he was accused of firing a gun off at Megan Thee Stallion‘s feet.

Ever since Megan came forward with her allegations, there have been a lot of rumors on social media, in the tabloids, and in the streets, with many people still wondering what really occurred between them. At first, the prosecutors and the police were completely silent on the story, but it was later revealed that Tory had been officially charged.

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Tory was initially slapped with gun possession charges, but he was later charged again with felony assault with a weapon. Fast-forward to today, and Megan is fresh off a new album release, Good News, which featured a track in which she slammed Lanez.

Even though the tide of public opinion – as well as his cohorts in the music business – have certainly turned against Tory Lanez, the rapper has continued to proclaim his innocence in the face of difficult odds. Tory reportedly believes he’ll walk away as a free man.

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Tory unveiled a new tweet in which he made a prediction about everyone who turned their backs on him. He said a lot of people were going to look real “dumb” when he was exonerated for the crime. The rapper went on to tell his followers that none of them should “buss no U-Turn,” insinuating there was no way to come back from their betrayal.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the situation has been very murky for Tory, in the sense that many people online have sided him with him, or with Megan, seemingly dependent on whatever artist the person likes the most.

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Either way, it’s clear we’ll have to wait to see what happens in the trial which is coming up soon. As it was previously reported, the shooting incident also led to Kelsey Nicole and Megan Thee Stallion’s collapsed relationship.