Tyga Responds After He Is Sued For Unpaid Rent – He Wants To Set The Record Straight

It’s been revealed just the other day that Tyga has been sued for unpaid rent. The Shade Room and Page Six reported the details that were available at the time.

You can check out the post below to see what’s going on.

People are shocked that Tyga ‘doesn’t own a place.’


Following the news, Tyga wanted to set things straight, and it seems that The Shade Room got exclusive details from him.

Take a look at their latest post about the issue:

TSR noted that ‘Tyga claims that the information isn’t what it appears to be, and wants to set the record straight. According to Tyga, whose government name is Michael Stevenson, the alleged claims are false, and this is his first time hearing from the landlord in nearly 7 months since moving out of the property in April 2020. Tyga believes that the landlord is trying to receive more money from him since a potential buyer for the home backed out during the process.’

TSR continued and noted this: ‘In an exclusive document obtained by The Shade Room from Tyga’s real estate agent, Tyga received a recommendation letter for being an outstanding tenant—further negating the alleged claims. He lived in the home from April 2019-2020.’

You can check out the complete details in the original post below.


Someone said: ‘bro how y’all rich af still renting homes,’ and another commenter posted this message: ‘So these rich celebrities don’t own their houses? Just asking for a friend.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘they do they just don’t buy all of their houses Tyga probably has more than one house, and it’s probably just a vacation spot for him. 🤷🏾‍♂️’

Someone else said: ‘He still makes music and that one song Ibiza did good numbers he still makes good money.’

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