Tyronn Lue And the Los Angeles Clippers Agree to a Five-Year Contract

Tyronn Lue And the Los Angeles Clippers Agree to a Five-Year Contract

According to various sources from the NBA league, Tyronn Lue will coach the LA Clippers in the next five years.

The former NBA champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers was an assistant coach under the previous head coach Doc Rivers. After firing Rivers, the Clippers were searching for a suitable solution regarding his replacement. Following a certain period, they would decide that the best option is Lue, who not only knows the system and has the support among the players.

That was one of the biggest reasons why the franchise from LA picked the former Lakers‘ player. Apparently, his approach in the locker room and the relationship with each of the Clips’ members qualified Lue for the job. And that job won’t be easy at all.

The Clippers formed a super-team with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who arrived last year, adding massive quality to the already present core that featured Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, Landy Shamet, Patrick Beverly etc.

But even with all these names, the Clips didn’t make a notable result, let alone get near the title. Denver Nuggets eliminated them in the Western Conference semis, even though the team from Colorado trailed 3-1, and faced double-digit deficits in each of the remaining matches.

That was the biggest reason for Rivers’ departure, as he couldn’t close the series against Denver, which wasn’t the first time the experienced coach wasted a 3-1 lead. Some insiders also claim that he couldn’t handle the pressure and the situation in the locker room, where certain players had problems with the way Rivers led the team. After being fired by the Clippers, he ended up in Philadelphia 76ers.

As for Lue, he led the Cavaliers across four seasons, but only two complete. During that time in 211 games, he posted 128 wins and 83 losses, adding 41 triumphs in the playoffs and 20 defeats. In the 2015/16 season, his first, the Cavs won the title following a superb comeback in the Finals against the Golden State Warriors. Cleveland and Lue reached the finals in the next two seasons but couldn’t get past the Warriors.

The reactions after this news are mixed, with one part of the Clippers’ fans approving the action, and the other, having major doubts. Time will tell which side was right in its judgment.