Ubisoft Montreal Under Attack As Suspects Allegedly Take Hostages In Office And Employees Hide

Ubisoft Montreal Under Attack As Suspects Allegedly Take Hostages In Office And Employees Hide

From the Journal of Quebec, we’ve learned that there is currently an active assault on the Ubisoft Montreal offices; suspects have forced their way into a building and have begun taking hostages while employees hide on the roof and barricade the doors from the outside.

There have been hostages taken, but there is currently no word on whether the hostages taken are Ubisoft employees, nor how many have been taken hostage. The Journal Of Quebec states that there could be dozens of people who are currently being held at gunpoint by the attackers, and police are on the scene currently.

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Demands have not been publically made from the attackers, and it’s unknown at this point of time precisely why the attack has occurred; there is live helicopter footage showing employees on the roof with the doors heavily barricaded from the outside.

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This is nightmare fuel for the game studio, the industry, and the world as tensions increase internationally fueled further by the ongoing pandemic. News organizations are beside themselves in reaching out to Ubisoft Montreal staff to figure out the best scoop while live reporting maneuvers that the police response force has taken, as is tradition.

There are live streams of what is occurring on French outlets, but finding immediate translations is proving to be difficult; at this point in time, not much is known regarding the attack aside from the fact that workers that are operating from the office are in dire straits.

Montreal law enforcement is currently clearing the area while validating information regarding how many are being held hostage, what the demands are of the attackers, and what possible outcomes are available that can ensure the safety of as many people as possible.

Heavily armed officers are in the area on St-Laurent Boulevard and Saint-Viateur Street; this is rare to see in Canada compared to the heavily armed officers of the United States and underlines the severity of the current attack on Ubisoft employees.

Authorities have stated that, to their understanding, this was called in as a robbery from Ubisoft employees that seems to have escalated quickly and violently; tactical units are reportedly arriving at the scene should things escalate further with shields and armored trucks.

Witnesses have stated that they’ve watched the police enter the main door of the building via a ram, and a command post has currently been erected on the scene.

EDIT: Information showing where some employees hiding have been removed prior to publication. Police reported no injuries or casualties at 1446 EST from the incident. Suspects have made a ransom demand that has not been made public knowledge.

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1502 EST: Onlookers have witnessed personnel coming out of the Ubisoft building with their hands in the air under police supervision.

From SPVM on Twitter at 1509 EST:

1538 EST: A large number of employees appear to be evacuating the offices onto awaiting metro busses. Many employees still waiting on the roof.

We’ll update this with more information as it becomes known, and is safe to share.