USA Today blasted for ‘who won VP debate’ Twitter poll that LEFT OUT Pence

USA Today blasted for ‘who won VP debate’ Twitter poll that LEFT OUT Pence

The poll, posted after the Wednesday night debate, asked users who had won, offering respondents the choices of Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (who wasn’t even in the debate), “the pesky fly” that alighted on Pence’s head, or “I didn’t watch!” Notably, Vice President Pence’s name was nowhere to be seen.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz posted an accusatory screenshot of the poll on Thursday morning, accompanied by a snarky “think the media has an agenda?” while others added screenshots of the poll results, showing Harris in the lead – for obvious reasons.

Although the outlet quickly revised the poll, swapping Biden out for Pence, the damage was done, and images of the Pence-less poll were already circulating. The outcry drove Pence fans to the second poll, driving his numbers up.

USA Today attempted to make light of the mixup with a joke poll, admitting they had “messed up the first one.”

But Twitter users weren’t buying it, and many accused the newspaper of overt (or unconscious) bias…

…suggesting they’d only fixed the poll because they were called out so forcefully.

Some tried to make excuses for the national newspaper, calling the omission a “hiccup”, or put the whole thing down to incompetence.

Harris fans insisted it was the second, Pence-added poll that was wrong, touting poll results from elsewhere.

The Pence-Harris debate lacked the Jerry Springer-esque antics of the Trump-Biden debate, though the pair still talked over each other and refused to be limited to the speaking times allotted to them by the moderator.

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