Usher Gushes Over His Newborn Daughter And Shares First Baby Pic With The Public

Usher Gushes Over His Newborn Daughter And Shares First Baby Pic With The Public

The star seems to be enjoying fatherhood a lot and so, he was happy to open up about his baby girl while on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Not only that but he also shared her very first pic with the world and mentioned that she came earlier than expected.

As fans may know, it’s been about two months since Usher’s newborn daughter came into the world but he is only just now introducing her to his fans.

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Usher joked that ‘she had a different plan’ when it comes to the due date as the bundle of joy was born prematurely.

The Grammy winner shared the great news that he was a dad again a couple of months ago, much to the excitement of fans.

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It is the first child he shares with his current his girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea and they named her Sovereign Bo Raymond.

The pair managed to keep the baby girl a secret all throughput Jenn’s pregnancy but now that the infant is here, it appears that the proud father is ready to show her off to the world and also gush over the first few weeks he’d spent with her.

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While a virtual guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier today, Usher got candid about his daughter’s early birth and also shared the first pic of her with the public.

Ellen gushed that ‘She looks like a little porcelain doll. She doesn’t even look real,’ upon seeing the baby pic.

In response, Usher joked that she is cute ‘until you have to change her diaper.’

He went on to mention that he and his daughter share the same zodiac sign and that she is already calling all the shots, given the fact that she was born earlier than expected.

‘She came out early. She was scheduled to be a Scorpio but decided she had a different plan. Libras, you know, they kinda have their minds made up on what they wanna do. It’s funny because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her wrists. So she’s pulling the thing, like, ‘Pull me outta here, it’s time to go!’’ he stated.