Victoria Beckham’s Appearance In A Bikini. Victoria Beckham Rarely Allows Herself To Unwind Because Of Her Extremely Demanding Work Schedule

Even the most devoted workaholics, nevertheless, need time to unwind. The designer postponed the cases and took her family on vacation to Italy. The other day, in Sardinia, the paparazzi captured Victoria and her husband David aboard a luxury yacht that costs roughly $2 million a week to rent.

The 48-year-old Victoria was captured by photographers in a bikini, and the celebrity looked stunning. Many people can envy the designer’s slim physique. These, however, are the consequence of one’s own hard effort and not of genes. The celebrity follows the regimen and participates in sports frequently. She actively works out with a personal trainer six days a week, which helps her stay in excellent form. Victoria practices Pilates as well as cardio and strength training. In terms of diet, Beckham favors nutritious cuisine. She stays away from dairy items and consumes fish, vegetables, and smoothies.

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These ideas have helped the celebrity stay in the same weight for many years and excite followers all around the world. Proud father Harper, David’s 11-year-old daughter, was afterward taken jet skiing.

The two were seen having a blast while participating in the water sport.

Posh, a Spice Girl, looked stunning while relaxing on her luxurious vacation in the eye-catching swimwear.

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Victoria and David were spotted earlier in the day at Saint-Tropez with Cruz, Harper, and a few others.

Victoria looked amazing in a luxury black little dress and clutch.

She was spotted earlier this week savoring the scenery while on holiday on a boat, especially the view of her husband. According to a source, David looked at numerous yachts during the summer and decided to indulge himself.

He was very hands-on with everything and helped design the boat himself.

Although it isn’t a super-yacht in an oligarchic manner, it is nonetheless quite luxurious by any standard.

He was motivated after spending time with Elton and David on their yacht during their vacation; he adores living on the ocean.