Victoria Is Mocked By David Beckham While Performing Karaoke

Victoria Is Mocked By David Beckham While Performing Karaoke

For 23 years, Victoria and David Beckham have been wed. Their shared sense of humor is just one factor in their successful marriage. The duo enjoys pulling practical jokes on one another and making one other laugh.

The family is currently enjoying a great time unwinding on a yacht in France with their kids.

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The pair partied on board the ship the day before. Victoria made the decision to reminisce about the past and performed karaoke while holding a microphone.

The former England national team footballer assured the supporters that he would not, however, be turned off. Posh Spice belts out a tune into a muffled microphone. The night’s final song is exclusively for me, David laughed.

Victoria was misunderstood, but she didn’t seem at all embarrassed, and she kept on singing and dancing.

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In addition to the couple’s supporters, Victoria herself enjoyed the joke when she commented on her husband’s video and acknowledged that she had performed for him. It was written, “Just for you.”

Victoria continued by saying that David, whom she married in 1999, concurred with Harper’s observation that her Posh attire “was just too short.”

She was “very disgusted at how short my skirts were,” Victoria remembered to the source. Victoria and her husband are the parents of Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 19, and Cruz, 17, as well. Are you ever going to wear skirts like that? I asked. Absolutely not,’ Harper replied.

In a previous post, Speaking into a hushed microphone, Posh Spice sings. David jokingly said, “The night’s final song is exclusively for me.

Victoria Beckham rarely allows herself to unwind because of her extremely demanding work schedule. Even the most devoted workaholics, nevertheless, need time to unwind. The designer postponed the cases and took her family on vacation to Italy.

The other day, in Sardinia, the paparazzi captured Victoria and her husband David aboard a luxury yacht that costs roughly $2 million a week to rent.

The 48-year-old Victoria was captured by photographers in a bikini, and the celebrity looked stunning.