Wendy Williams Under Fire For Mispronouncing The Word ‘Coronavirus’

Wendy Williams Under Fire For Mispronouncing The Word ‘Coronavirus’

Wendy Williams is still finding it challenging to properly pronounce the word, “coronavirus,” Page Six reported today. During the latest episode of her daytime television show, Wendy touched on how the president had told people to not be afraid of COVID-19.

Amid her discussion on the president’s remarks, Wendy appeared to pronounce the word like “cranova,” instead of “corona.” Fans initially thought it was just a mistake, however, Page Six says she later said the word in the same way.

Wendy said she and the rest of the world were “frightened of cranova.” The Wendy Williams Show host reportedly struggles with Graves’ disease as well as lymphedema for which she uses a machine to help treat the symptoms.

According to Page Six, Williams has mispronounced words in the past, including when she said, “dula peep,” instead of “Dua Lipa.” While it may appear petty for fans to put Wendy on blast for saying things incorrectly, some social media users believe Wendy has done her fair share of criticizing other people.


For instance, Wendy and 50 Cent have been beefing for a couple of years after the host slammed the rapper for his shaky relationship with Marquise Jackson, his son. Amid the reports that Kevin Hunter, her ex-husband, had fathered a child with another woman, 50 Cent was one of the first to put the host on blast.

Initial reports claimed Wendy had collapsed behind the set due to substance abuse, and she later checked herself into a sober living home to take care of her health. 50 Cent poked fun at the host and said he always knew she was a “crackhead.”

When Wendy finally returned to the air, the host claimed she and the other women living in the sober living home were high-performers. She said the other women there were professionals who were working on their careers.

As it was previously reported, Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams split up last year after it was revealed he had a baby with another woman behind her back.