Why Julianne Moore Nearly Lost Her Eyebrows Is Explained

Actress Julianne Moore , 61, has acknowledged that as she got older, she quit giving her beauty as much thought. She acknowledged in an interview with The Sunday Times that her perspective had evolved over the years and that she had finally come to terms with her scars and red hair, something she had previously struggled to achieve.

In the USA, where I was raised, it appeared like nobody had freckles. All I wanted was to appear to be another tanned American youngster. I detested having to wear long sleeves and not being able to visit the beach, said Moore.

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The actress added that she felt compelled to conform to that era’s prejudices because she wanted to. She tried different eyebrow styles, which did not go unnoticed.

As a child and an adult, Julianna revealed, “I kept pulling them, bleaching them, and doing all kinds of things with them, until they went.”

Now that she must draw them, the celebrity frequently struggles to choose the correct shade of color. Moore explained that she is not concerned about other people’s perceptions of her beauty because her priorities have evolved over time.

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“I believe the reason why is that you worry about other things a lot more, such as your family, relationships, job, or environment. And your appearance disappears into the distance.

It can’t all be the same, in my opinion. However, with time, But as time passes, it undoubtedly begins to worry less and less, “she said.

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