Woke (predatory) capitalism: Leaked documents show banned ‘diversity training’ at notorious multinational Halliburton

Woke (predatory) capitalism: Leaked documents show banned ‘diversity training’ at notorious multinational Halliburton

Halliburton is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Texas and Dubai. It became notorious for winning a no-bid contract to supply US forces in the Middle East under the George W. Bush administration, where its former CEO (1995-2000) Cheney was vice president. One of its employees emailed a handout from their recent “diversity training” to American Conservative columnist Rod Dreher.

CEO Jeff Miller reportedly “raved” about the “Diversity, Respect and Equality” town hall featuring Michelle Silverthorn, who gave everyone a list of “Ten Rules for Allyship and Justice.” Among those rules are demands to “amplify [her] voice,” but also to “do the work to change systems that allow for inequity” and not “let your advocacy end with the protests.”

“Ally is not a noun and progress is never passive. Keep moving. Keep changing the world.”

Silverthorn followed up with a specific demand, called the “Name 3 Challenge.” It demands of Halliburton employees to name three black journalists or websites, authors, principles of the Black Lives Matter movement, aspects of “black culture that you have had to learn in order to succeed at your job” and racist remarks they overheard, challenged and corrected.

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Once everyone has done three, they have to do five, then 10, and so on, because “the work of anti-racism is the work of a lifetime.”

Given that Halliburton doesn’t work with the general public but with international clients, the whole thing only makes sense as “essentially an extortion payment,” the unnamed employee said in the email.

When “radical left ideas of social justice are embraced and encouraged at the most senior management levels at Halliburton, the company that Dick Cheney used to run! Woke Capitalism is triumphant,” Dreher lamented.

If Halliburton intends to continue contracting with the US government, however, it may need to end its relationship with Silverthorn. Last month, President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning “race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating,” which applies not just to federal government and the military but anyone getting federal funding or bidding for contracts.

A number of diversity consultants have already lost work – valued at millions of dollars – as a result, but institutions heavily invested in promoting critical race theory seminars have pushed to see them reinstated as “racial sensitivity” training.

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