YNW Melly Court Case Under Review As Judge Hears Recording Of Rapper Allegedly Admitting To Killing His Friends

YNW Melly Court Case Under Review As Judge Hears Recording Of Rapper Allegedly Admitting To Killing His Friends

Complex Magazine reported this week that the Broward County court is looking into a new recording of YNW Melly reportedly confessing to the murder of two of his friends, including Christopher Thomas Junior and Anthony Williams.

The two young men went by the names “YNW Juvy” and “YNW Sakchaser” respectively. Hot New Hip Hop Claims the 21-year-old rapper has been behind bars for the last two years after he was charged with double homicide.

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According to the publication, Melly and “YNW Bortlen” – who posted bond back in May of this year – have been accused of killing their two friends in a drive-by shooting. Additionally, it’s been claimed by multiple outlets that they drove around with their bodies until deciding to take them to a hospital.

New developments in the case this week claimed the families of the victims in the case have filed a suit against the rapper, his mom, as well as his management team. The suit has demanded millions of dollars. If Melly is proven guilty, the suit demands, the families will receive monetary compensation.

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Todd Baker, the lawyer who is representing Williams’ family, said to reporters from Complex magazine that tensions between the social circle broke out regarding how the money should be sent to each member of the band.


The lawyer went on to state that if fewer people were involved in the group, the main person would wind up with more cash. According to Complex, the court case for Mr. Melly isn’t going well because a video was revealed back in August in which the rapper supposedly admitted to killing his friends.

Allegedly, Melly says in the video that he had “no regret” for the “s**t” that he did because they had to “die.” Kristine Bradley, the Assistant State Attorney of Broward County, goes on to claim that Melly puts a pen to his temple in the video and imitates pulling on the trigger of a gun.

If Melly is convicted for the crimes, he could be put on death row, Complex reported. Another rapper who’s also being charged with murder is Hurricane Chris, who was indicted earlier this year.