‘You listening Republicans?’ Trump binge-retweets actor Randy Quaid’s eccentric takedowns of Democrats & Fox News

‘You listening Republicans?’ Trump binge-retweets actor Randy Quaid’s eccentric takedowns of Democrats & Fox News

“Are you listening Republicans?” Trump wrote, sharing one of the ‘Independence Day’ star’s tweets, complaining that there was “no democracy” in the recent election, in which Democrat Joe Biden is presumed to have beaten the incumbent president.

The commander-in-chief’s deep dive into the thespian’s Twitter history saw him thanking Quaid for a November 20 tweet saying he was “the greatest President this country has ever had.”

The president also tweeted a firm “No” after Quaid asked his followers: “I just don’t see Americans rolling over for this election fraud. Do you?”

Amid seemingly quickly-fading chances of overturning the election result in court, Trump also shared some rather peculiar clips posted by Quaid.

The first video retweeted by Trump, ‘Trump Trumpets Reveille!’, was originally published in 2019. In it, Quaid recites a monologue, comparing America to a “sleeping giant tied down by Lilliputians” that is turning into a “socialist swamp.”

“Is this the way America goes? From George Washington to George Soros?” Quaid ponders, referencing the Hungarian-American liberal billionaire reviled by conservatives.

The second and somewhat psychedelic clip was devoted to what Quaid called the “complete collapse” of Fox News. The network has fallen out of favor with many Trump supporters, after some of its hosts conceded that the president lost the election. “Fox is dead to me!” Quaid tweeted, promoting smaller right-wing outlets.

Social media reaction to the odd Trump-Quaid pairing was rife with confusion as commenters mocked Trump for taking the eccentric entertainer seriously. “Did anyone have Donald retweeting Randy Quaid’s do-over vote idea on their 2020 Election Bingo card?” tweeted Star Wars’ Mark Hamill.

Others brought up allegations of fraud against Quaid, saying it was hypocritical of him to speculate on criminal scheming in the election. While the actor was accused of defrauding an innkeeper in 2009, the case was later dropped for lack of evidence.

Some wholeheartedly backed Quaid’s messages on Twitter, agreeing that “Trump prevails.”

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