Zonnique Pullins’ Fans Tell Her That She Is Twinning With Her Mom Tiny Harris, While Flaunting Her Pregnant Glow

Zonnique Pullins hosted the new show created by Tiny Harris called The Mixed recently and fans praised her in the comments like there’s no tomorrow. They told her that she is twinning with her mom, Tiny.

As you probably know by now, Zonnique is pregnant and she’s really glowing. The video also sparked a gender-related debate among fans.

A follower said this after watching the show: ‘Not surprised about Jazz Anderson. She acts mannish.’


Someone else said: ‘just FYI mannish does not equate to manly or masculine. Mannish refers to children who are too grown or have a smart mouth.’

Another follower posted this message: ‘that’s cool but im trying to be politically correct. I thought she was gay because of her tom boyish/mannish demeanour. No shade.’

A person said: ‘noooo not judgmental I just thought she was already open and people knew about her sexuality because of her demeanour. 🥳’

Someone else said: ‘we gon get into some thangs *Nicki voice*’ and one other follower commented: ‘Always stand in ur truth sending my love to u all💜.’

One fan said ‘I like surprises. I’m ready for some tea and not the drink 🤣’, and a follower praised Zonnique: ‘Looking like your mama with that pregnant glowing face.’

Another follower said: ‘I’m so here for this!!! Yes! I’ll be interviewed here one day!’ and a fan posted: ‘Zonnique you look amazing!’

Zonnique recently had the party for her baby shower.

Reginae Carter dropped a few photos on her social media account from an important event – the baby shower of Zonnique Pullins!

The ladies are looking gorgeous, and Nae continues to flaunt her amazing chest.